Sunday, June 18, 2017

Welcome to Fine Dining with Children!

Over the last decade, this blog has served many courses.

The menu offered, many moons ago, a chronicle of an urban artistic couple's attempt to maintain at least a bit of our sophisticated cultural palette and travel desires balanced between a move to a woodsy rural community and the welcoming of three sweet babes.

Literary entrees were catered, mainly, to family and close friends.

As the seasons' harvests have come and gone, seeds of various change have offered new cuisines, fresh delicacies, and sweet desserts even following some of the simplest and sparsest of meals.

Our standing reservation these days is a more rhythmic routine of interest led, literature driven, Brave Writer infused homeschool in our mornings + kiddo initiated, passion inspired, afternoon extracurriculars + a square meal, mostly vegetarian, on the table each and every night.

We are wild about travel, treasure creativity, relish cozy reading nooks, value healthy movement, and always insist on fresh and delicious meals.

Pull up a chair and stay awhile, I'm so glad you're here.